Union Market is my go-to weekend destination to pick up some of my favorite DC food things. I usually hit up Red Apron for charcuterie, Honey Comb for ramen noodles and Neopol for a smoked whitefish sandwich because I'm so hungry checking out all the vendors there. Union Market also has this cool warehouse space called Dock 5 that hosts different events throughout the year. Creative Mornings hosted their last breakfast lecture there, Drink the District (which is coming up December 11 & 12!) is here, and this past Sunday Emporiyum went down. Emporiyum is a artisinal food bazaar featuring local food and drink spots as well as vendors from all over the country. You could nosh on Creminelli salami from Utah and then venture down another aisle to snag a pork bun from DC's Maketto. There was so much food to sample and so many cool spots to check out, some familiar and some new. I went with my friend Melissa and we were stuffed after going to every stand once.. ok maybe twice.

I must have looked tired because the guy from Slingshot offered me a full sample cup of his coffee, which I very much appreciated. The coffee was so good, as was the deal, that I bought four bottles that moment. If I don't drink all of them myself maybe I'll give some away as Christmas presents. Across from Slingshot was Misfit Juicery which I've been meaning to try every since they popped up at the marketplace at the end of my street, Pleasant Pops. Misfit takes the ugly fruits and veggies most people shun and turn them into cold-pressed juice amazingness. Their pear juice was surprisingly my favorite since pears aren't usually a fruit I gravitate towards. I'm so glad I got to sample this flavor and I'm excited to buy it next time I'm at Pleasant Pops and need a health boost.

I must have tried 100 samples, but when I spotted someone with a steamed bun from Ekiben I knew I had to buy one. The meatballs were outstanding, they had so much flavor and the papaya slaw was a great compliment. I'm hoping their super long line will convince them to open a location in the district.

Emporiyum was a great way to discover some of DC's local spots I haven't had a chance to try like Craft Kombucha and District Doughnut. I left knowing some new favorites, very full and with a shopping list for Union Market downstairs.