Grass-Fed Butter Popcorn

Food Package Design and Branding

I'm all about food: eating it, shopping for it, perfecting my tonkotsu ramen, amassing a collection of finishing salts... so when a couple of my friends had an idea to start a grass-fed butter popcorn company, I was totally into it. Knowing they wanted to target the natural foods market, I decided to design the brand as simple and wholesome. To differentiate our popcorn and cater to our target market, I created a range of healthy, full flavored options each featuring a different gourmet sea salt: truffle, ghost pepper, and sagemary (a fragrant blend of sage and rosemary). To maintain our commitment to sustainability, we went with a resealable, eco-conscious biodegradable bag for the packaging. 

If you like the popcorn icon I designed and would like to use it, you can download it for free here