Freddie Mac: Software Application Buildout 

Designing Single Family's Guarantor Pricing Engine

Freddie Mac is a government sponsored enterprise that buys and sells mortgage-backed securities on the secondary market to provide liquidity to banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies to finance housing loans. During my time as a trade analyst in Investments & Capital Markets, I also owned reporting and database management for Single Family guarantor pricing. I noticed many inefficiencies in the current process that added a lot of unnecessary time and frustration. When I joined Business Engineering as a project manager, I pitched the idea to build a new pricing engine in our suite of internal software applications called theDesk. 

With a small team of incredibly talented engineers, I led the full application lifecycle from planning to implementation. All UX goals were directed towards mitigating risk and enhancing user productivity. The project centered around automating as much of the process as possible and linking data sources to pull needed information for daily and monthly pricing. Automated workflows, intelligent rules, and user authority profiles and delegations were built in to control for compliance with strict regulations.  Monthly releases enabled us to fix bugs, add user requested functionality, and adapt the application as the pricing market evolved. 

By migrating Single Family pricing from an Access database to theDesk, we removed my key person dependency, reduced yearly pricing errors by $1.5 million, and saved 30 employee hours per week. Based on the success of this project, I was asked to join Single Family Business Operations to help develop a fully integrated pricing system for guarantor and cash pricing.

Design Process


*As this is an internal application for Freddie Mac containing proprietary information and I no longer work for the company, I don't have permission to share this work or ability to access project assets. If you would like to view the requirement documentation, please reach out to me here

To give you an idea of the content, it features many process flows, system and user interface requirements, and UAT testing considerations. 


Process Flow: Approval 


System Flow w/CAVR: Flow Pricing


User Interface Requirements: GD/FN Spreads Upload